Viktig informasjon til alle styrkeløftere vedrørende å konkurrere for andre forbund

Den siste tiden har det blitt publisert invitasjoner via sosiale medier fra andre styrkeløftforbund, formålet er å rekruttere utøvere til konkurransene deres som ikke er underlagt IPF. I disse invitasjonene blir det informert om at det er problemfritt for en styrkeløftere tilknyttet IPF å delta på disse konkurransene. Denne informasjonen er FEIL!! Det er viktig å presisere at det ikke er problemfritt for en styrkeløfter tilknyttet IPF å konkurrere for andre forbund.

Dissen invitasjonene har vært fra forbund som blant annet World Powerlifting og WRPF (World Raw Powerlifting Federation)

IPF har gått ut med informasjon hvor de informerer om konsekvensen det å konkurrerer for et annen forbund har for utøvere tilknyttet IPF.


Informasjon fra IPF

Dear Member Federations of the International Powerlifting Federation:

The IPF Executive wants to address the recent Press Release issued by World Powerlifting that was placed on Social Media and that may have been sent to your federation. World Powerlifting stated in their Press Release that athletes from the IPF and its’ member federations are freely allowed to participate in events organized by World Powerlifting. This is a complete fabrication and is absolutely false. Please, do not be misguided nor mislead by the World Powerlifting Public Statement.

As you know, Article 14.9 in the IPF Constitution reads as follows:

14.9 Participating in Non-IPF Competition

Any lifter, coach, referee or official who competes or participates in an international powerlifting or Bench Press competition not organized, sanctioned or approved by the IPF shall not be permitted to take part in any IPF international or regional competition for a period of 12 months from the date of that non-approved competition.14.9.1 Notwithstanding article 14.9 the lifter, coach or official may participate in multi-sport international games, e.g. the Commonwealth Games, the University Games, or the Students’ international or regional multisport games that are not sanctioned by the IPF, however, provided that there is not any athlete or other person participating in such games in any capacity who is serving his/her Ineligibility period for a doping offense.

Not only does 14.9 apply to this matter, so does Article 5.1, which outlines the responsibilities of the of the IPF Member Federations. Additionally, Article 2.10 of the IPF Anti-Doping Rules applies as well and outlines the Prohibited Association with other Athletes that are serving a period of ineligibility.


The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) shall suspend athletes, coaches, officials and referees that violate Article 14.9 and lift in World Powerlifting and other non-IPF sanctioned international or world competitions. Key and important, the IPF and all 122 of its’ Member Federations are responsible for not only enforcing the IPF Rules, but more importantly, the Health, Wellness, and Safety of our athletes, coaches, officials, and referees. This is the purpose as to why IPF Constitution Article 14.9, Article 5.2 and Article 2.10 exist. Overall, both the IPF and its’ Member Federations are responsible for the protection and well-being of our athletes and the enforcement of the rules.

Moreover, despite the remarks by World Powerlifting, Krzysztof Wierzbicki from Poland remains suspended for a period of 12 months, for his participation in a World Powerlifting event, that took place in China this past year.  Further to that Krzysztof Wierzbicki recently participated in another international powerlifting event named titled the Three Nationals Powerlifting Open held on January 25-26, 2020 in Bayreuth, Germany.

We kindly and respectfully request that you inform your athletes, coaches, officials and referees accordingly, on the enforcement of the rules governing participation outside of the IPF.


Presently, the International Powerlifting Federation is the ONLY Powerlifting Federation, next to IPC Para-powerlifting that is a signatory to the Anti-Doping Code (WADA).

This can be verified here:

In order to have Compliance Status Confirmation from WADA, an organization must be a signatory. World Powerlifting is not a signatory and any claims of WADA compliance are false and misleading. Once more, please do not be misguided or be misled by World Powerlifting and their false claims of code compliant anti-doping control.

Final Thoughts

Once more, we ask that you fully advise and brief your athletes, coaches, officials and referees on the rules governing competing in national, international and World level events outside of the IPF, so they’re fully and completely informed of the repercussions that may take place.

To close, if there are any questions or if you require further clarification on this matter, please contact the office at:

Thank you very much,

The International Powerlifting Federation