Invitasjon ER Open 2015 – OPPDATERT 21. Oktober!!

Ny innbydelse til ER Open!
Dette er endret: Det går nå å stille i enten utstyrsfri benkpress eller med skjorte.

Det er separate klasser, hvor utstyrfritt konkurrere mot utstyrsfritt og utstyr mot utstyr. F.eks. vil alle i -83 kg utstyrsfritt løfte mot hverandre og det vil utdeles medaljer til de 3 beste, og alle i -83 kg utstyr løfte mot hverandre med medaljer til de 3 beste.

Det er kun mht lagkonkurransen at alle løfter mot alle.

Derfor: Når dere søker om deltakelse igjennom klubbsiden på styrkelø må dere skrive om dere skal løfte med eller uten utstyr slik at forbundskontoret kan melde dere på i riktig klasse.

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ER Equipment and the Danish Powerlifting Federation invite members of the IPF to participate in the 14th annual International ER Open Equipped Bench Press Championships and the 1st annual International ER Open RAW Bench Press Championships

Team competition:
There will be prizes for the three best club teams in a combined team competition, which will be decided on Wilks points. A team consists of up to 6 lifters, and lifters may be of both sexes.

In the team competition will equipped and RAW lifters compete under the same conditions.

The prize for best team will be sponsored by ER Equipment, and is an IPF approved ER Equipment squat/benchpress rack.

Prizes for second and third best team will be sponsored by Titan Denmark.

Date: 30th and 31st January 2015

Place: Kongsholmcentret, Liljens Kvt. 2, 2620 Albertslund, Denmark. The venue is located 28 km from CPH airport and 18 km from downtown Copenhagen.2

Time plan: Friday 30th January: Men in weight classes: 105 kg, 120 kg and 120+ kg both equipped and RAW.

Saturday 31st January: Women all classes and remaining men, both equipped and RAW.

Nomination: Nominations must be sent to Erik Rasmussen on mail address: and
must be received by the 9th January. Please note best lift within the latest 13 months, year of birth and whether the lifter will compete equipped or RAW. Only nominations through your national federation will be accepted. All lifters are expected to present passports or other required documents at the weigh-in. All delegate members must have a valid health insurance. The organizer will not incur any expenses for a doctor or a stay in hospital. We recommend travel insurance for covering loss of luggage, delayed
flights, etc.

Participation Fee: 225 DKK per lifter to be paid to Erik Rasmussen at arrival.

Hotel: There is no official hotel, but below you find one that is situated close to the venue.
Wittrup Motel, Roskildevej 251, 2620 Albertslund, Denmark.

Further information: Contact, meet director, Erik Rasmussen tel. +45 20 89 41 68 or on mail: